About Us

The oldest Bosnian mosque in Canada, initially named the Croatian Mosque, is located near Toronto city, and is one of the oldest mosques in Toronto, and certainly the oldest mosque with a minaret.

The original founders and organizers of the mosque were Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) who chose to identify as Croatian. They purchased the land and church in 1973 at the same address. Approximately ten years later the old building was demolished and a completely new mosque was built, and in 1985 the first minaret in Ontario was erected beside the mosque. The construction was supported by many Balkan Muslims, Croatian associations and churches, as well as the World Islamic League at the UN and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia from Ottawa.

Initially Imams from Arab countries lead the congregation but in early 1989 Nedžad ef. Hafizovic was hired, and continues to serve the mosque today. With his arrival a new period of Bosnian Muslims and their religious life was created in Toronto, besides the Bosnian appearance and the minaret, the mosque got a Bosniak soul and was renamed to Bosnian Islamic Centre at the 1995 annual assembly.

Regular activities include:

  • 5 daily prayers
  • Jumua’ Khutbah and prayer
  • 2 Eid prayers yearly

In addition the following services are offered:

  • Marriage counseling
  • Marriage services (civil and Shari’a)
  • Mewluds commemorating various Islamic events
  • Educational programs for various ages*
  • and others.

The Bosnian Islamic Centre is governed by two Boards, the Administrative and Supervisory Boards, and the Panel of Founders. Board members are elected at annual committees for a period of four years.

*Programming changes may occur on a year-to-year basis due to unforeseen circumstances.